The Survivor Pool
The Survivor Pool
The Survivor Pool

Can You Survive?

Player Eliminated After 3 Losses
Missed Weeks Count As Loss

Color Codes Pool Size Survivors
Win Loss Pool Ending Loss 77 1

Player / Week 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
COLTS Was Den Sea LaC Det LaR Tb Buf Cle Pit Jac Dal Hou Min No Chi Sf Cin Kc      
Brian B Bal Buf Kc Sf Mia Jac Sea Det Cle Chi Was Ten LaC No LaR Den Ind Tb Phi      
Cowboyz! Jac Dal Mia Sf Det Buf Kc Sea Bal Min Hou Phi Pit No Cle NyJ Tb LvR LaR      
wlunko Was NyG Dal LaC Det Bal Sea Buf No Pit Jac Phi Tb Sf Kc Den Hou NyJ Cle      
Next Atl Dal Sea Min Mia Hou Tb Bal No Pit Jac Kc LaC Sf LaR Den Buf Phi        
Big Money Was Buf Kc Jac Mia Phi Sea Det No Dal Sf Ten Pit Tb LaR Den            
Rondawg Min Was Sf LaC Det Buf LaR Mia No Dal Hou Ten Tb Bal Kc Den            
Big Dave Was Buf Jac LaC Det Min Sea Mia No Dal Hou Bal Tb Gb Kc Den            
MCCOY Bal Buf Sf Kc Det Mia Was LaC Cle Dal Jac Ten Tb Gb No Den            
Crawsulo Bal Phi Sf Kc Mia Buf LvR Det Cle Dal Hou Ten Pit No Atl              
Cybhouse Was Gb Det Chi Mia LvR Sea LaC Cle Pit Hou Ten Tb No Atl              
Jersey Joe Eagles Bal No Kc Sf Mia LaR Gb Phi Cle Dal Det Jac Tb Hou Atl              
GENESIS Was Buf Bal Jac Mia Cin Sea Det Cle Dal Sf Ne LaC Pit                
Craws Hogs Was NyG Dal LaC Mia Buf Sea Det No Cin Jac Ten Tb Pit                
Memann Was Dal Kc Sf Mia Buf Sea LaC No Det Jac Ne Pit Gb                
Bryce Bryce Baby Was Det Dal Sf Mia Buf Kc Bal Cle Pit Jac Phi LaC Hou                
3rdXoff Was Tb Kc Sf Det Mia Gb Bal No Dal Jac Ten Pit Hou                
Colts Era Was NyG Sea LaC Mia LaR Buf Bal Cle Cin Det Sf Dal Pit                
DAKstreet Boys Was NyG Jac Den Hou Mia Cle Min No LvR Dal Ten Tb Gb                
Dinghy Bal Buf Sea Phi Mia Kc Sf LaC Cle Dal Det Ten Pit LvR                
Mutt Doggy Was Tb Sea Phi Det Mia Buf Bal No Dal Sf Kc Jac Pit                
Philly Philly Bal Buf Sf Dal Mia LaR Sea LaC No Cin Was Kc Tb Pit                
Bud Mann Bal Dal Sf Kc Det LaR Sea LaC Atl Cin Hou Mia Jac                  
Bibby Was Buf Dal Phi Mia Kc Sea Bal Cle Cin Det Ten                    
Hunter WINfrow Was Det Jac Sf Mia Buf Sea LaC Cle Dal Hou Ten Pit                  
AllabouttheMooney Den NyG Sf Kc Det Mia Buf Bal Cle Pit Dal Ten Jac                  
srose65 Bal Dal Sf LaC Mia Buf Sea Hou No Ind Det Min Jac                  
Jessica Bal Dal Kc   Mia Buf Sea Phi Cle Pit Was Min                    
Eagle 1 Bal Phi Dal Sf Buf Det Kc Mia Hou Chi Jac Min                    
Obxlonglegman Bal Phi Mia Sf Was Kc Buf Det No Dal Jac Min                    
Dr Polo Was Gb Sf Kc Mia Phi Jac Bal Cle Dal Det Min                    
BlitzN Jac Tb Bal Kc Was Buf Sea Phi Cle Dal Mia Det                    
Sula Bal Buf Dal Sf Mia LaR Sea Det Cle Cin Was                      
BigJay Min Buf Jac Sf Mia Bal Sea Dal No LvR Was                      
Don J Bal Dal Sea LaC Mia LaR Tb Det Cle Cin Was                      
kcdrews Bal Dal Kc Phi Det Mia Was Hou Cle Atl                        
Pretty Boy Was No Jac Dal Det Kc Sea LaC Atl Buf                        
GLOCK NyJ Det Dal Jac Phi LaR Kc LaC Cle Buf                        
Andy Min Buf Sf Sea Det Bal Cle Hou No Atl                        
Bruce Kc Bal Mia Jac Det LvR Sea Sf No Buf                        
Laddie Kc Phi Sf Dal Was Buf Sea Bal Cle Cin                        
Holly Was Buf Dal Sf Mia LaR Gb Bal Cle Cin                        
Jamesgang23 Pit Dal Jac Sf Mia Buf Sea Bal Cle Cin                        
Leroy Sea Buf Bal LaC Det LaR Cle Mia No Cin                        
W.W. Jac Was Bal Tb Det Buf LaR Mia                            
GRUX Was Ind Sea Kc Det LvR Tb Hou Ne                          
Rabid Chicago Fan Tb Bal Dal Phi Mia Kc Buf Cle                            
Gassedupmariokart Bal Sf Dal Min Det Mia Buf Hou                            
paynecrue5 Was No Mia LaC Det Phi Buf Hou                            
MadDawgs Was Kc Dal Phi Bal Mia Cle Sf                            
StacyW Phi No Sea LaC Was Kc Gb Hou                            
Ike Dal Kc Buf Sf Mia Phi LvR Hou                            
MomoG Bal Sf Dal LaC Det Buf Tb Atl                            
SeahawksRule Kc Bal Mia Atl Det Buf Sf                              
JC Golf Sea Buf Jac Phi Mia Kc Sf                              
The Muffinator Den NyG Dal Kc Mia LaR Sf                              
Star Girl Cle LaC Det Buf Was Mia LaR                              
Big Mac Jones Was No Sea Ind Ari Kc Gb                              
Haldee Den NyG Sea LaC Was Bal                                
Eggroll Kc Dal Sf Gb Det Ind                                
Martinoís Mafia Jac Dal No Chi NyJ Sf                                
Jersey GG Bal Jac Ne Chi No Ten                                
Nana D Min Bal Mia Sea Was No                                
Texas Star Jac Ten Sea Pit Was No                                
Mister Ben Was Tb Jac Kc Buf Phi                                
Steve Doss Sea Ind Pit Min Hou Atl                                
Billsfan Bal Det Sea Pit Mia No                                
Decoda Chi Dal Buf Mia NyJ                                  
NukiTim Atl Tb Sea Chi Ari No                                
brooktrout Was Ari Jac LaC Hou                                  
Cee Dee's nuts Kc Det Sf Ind                                    
Barb Cle Cin No Mia                                    
Ted S Was Ari Dal                                      
Marham42 Kc LaC Phi Cle                                    
Mindy Kc Phi Dal                                      
THEKATIEKAT Sea Dal LaR                                      
Dolfan Sea Det Buf Pit                                    

 Consensus Report Week 19 
Away Cle Mia Pit Gb LaR Phi
#Picks 1 1 1
#Pct 25% 25% 25%
Home Hou Kc Buf Dal Det Tb
#Picks 1
#Pct 25%

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